How Accelerant Serves MGAs

At Accelerant, we only win when our Members win. We are organized around and on behalf of our Members to provide a single source for their entire portfolio of products while eliminating the conflicts typical of conventional carriers. All of this is by design. Accelerant also serves Member MGAs by solving the following critical issues … Read more

The Key to Customer Centricity: Data 

A lot of factors play into customer-centricity in insurance: relationships, collaboration, a single point of contact and transparency. But increasingly, data also stars in a leading role. Customer-centricity involves anticipating customer wants and needs and then getting it right. It’s not just a nice-to-have: Customer-centric businesses are an impressive 60% more profitable than those that … Read more

What Being an Accelerant Member Means

We call the MGAs and speciality underwriters we work with “Members” — not “clients” or “customers”  — to underscore the importance of these relationships to us. For starters, here is what being a Member at Accelerant doesn’t mean. When you are an Accelerant Member, you don’t have to worry about: When you strip away what … Read more